About Us


I'm Raequael creator of One Pumped Mama (formerly Pump Mama Pump) which started in April of 2019 as a book for moms who were Exclusively Pumping. I wrote the book to help and encourage moms through their breastfeeding journey when the option they chose or were forced into was Exclusively Pumping. Having a son in the NICU was extremely hard for me because I did not obtain the education I needed to breastfeed and was thrusted into something that I knew nothing about.  I knew there had to be a simpler way for moms other than blogs and scattered information on the internet; so I wrote the book Pump Mama Pump-The Ultimate Guide for Moms who Exclusively Pump. We grew our online community and I realized that moms all over the world needed support in their Breastfeeding journey so here we are a light in their tunnel!

Our goal has always been to offer support, encouragement and a judge-free community for moms who Exclusively Pump. 

Since my first baby, I have had two more (Mom of THREE) and although I didn't have any other NICU experiences after the first, I still decided to exclusively pump for the other two. 

So why One Pumped Mama? We're so glad you asked! One Pumped Mama was a hashtag that we've used since we started the brand and since we are moving into ALL THINGS MOTHERHOOD within the brand, I decided to take the hashtag and use it because I am pumped about Motherhood; it's my jam! 

Our debut product, The Pump Caddy, was created to be an answer to a problem. I realized that there was no way that I could carry all of my pumping essentials in my hand while simultaneously carrying my baby and the loads of other things I have to carry. So, I came up with the pump caddy, the beauty in it is not only the ability to organize but the ability to carry your essentials hands-free due to our adjustable strap. Plus it's eco-friendly and fits into your home decor without the bulk of a huge cart that's stationary to one room (you can take it anywhere around the house, your car, etc.)

We can't wait to grow with your family as you grow with ours.